Seeing mainstream representations of your flavor of freakiness and trying like hell to find out where you fit in in the world.

Oh wow, relating to your caption very strongly. Remembering being a kid and seeing little things here and there — throw-away references on cartoon shows, things like that — that felt right and important, and not having the tools to figure out why they were important to me, but holding onto those things, waiting until I could make sense of it. All I can say is thank god for the internet, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to figure some of this stuff out otherwise.

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“Four Elements” by SOAP, at the London Westbank Gallery

Polish-born urban artist Adam Klodzinski, aka #SOAP, paints large scale aerosol graffiti that looks uncannily like photographs. The only giveaway is his unique signature. It’s not a tag, but a stylized mini self portrait lovingly called “Little Adam” painting the work. #SOAP has been experimenting with this style since 2006 and will finally hold his debut solo show “Four Elements” at the London Westbank Gallery on June 11th. Influenced by Hip Hop and Pop Art, the exhibition incorporates the same photo-realism, Surrealism and 3D lettering inspired by his graffiti peers and Salvador Dali. With such a realistic style, #SOAP’s creative progression is left to his subject matter which depicts models and music celebrities in varying expressions. Some appear caught off guard or blissfully oblivious to the abstract shapes crumbling around them. Other works are more surreal, where figures are falling in mid air in a dream like state. The detail he is able to achieve by airbrushing looks like it is already taking him to new directions. Take a look at #SOAP’s latest work below.

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